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Estate Planning:

Protecting our families is the single most important goal for all of us. Central to achieving that goal is the need to identify risks and evaluate tools to manage them. At CLF, Limited, we help clients at all stages of their life cycle.
Young families need to evaluate their needs in case the income earners die or become disabled. If the family’s asset base is not adequate to meet those needs, we help develop life and disability insurance programs that guarantee it will be adequate. As the result, the family is assured vital goals like income, mortgage payment, debt payoff, and children’s education will be achieved.
Over time, families grow, assets increase and new debt is taken on. As assets increase, taxes become a more critical consideration; thus, insurance plans crafted in the earlier years need to be re-evaluated. Throughout the cycle, we seek to partner with clients and their advisors to clearly accomplish their goals.

  • Needs analysis which identifies the risks and opportunities based upon your objectives
  • Wealth transfer and estate planning strategies
  • Asset protection in retirement
  • Coordination with your professional advisors
  • Annual or biennial planning review
  • Special expertise in securing insurance on “uninsurable” individuals
  • Funding irrevocable life insurance trusts

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